With over 750,000 followers, the Climate Change Institute is a popular source of information and resources to mitigate climate change.

How the Institute helps to mitigate climate change
  • Researching ways to help people and companies better understand how they can measure their carbon footprint and become carbon neutral
  • Providing free GHG accounting tutorials and resources for businesses to measure and reduce their emissions
  • Broadcasting crucial climate mitigation information through our extensive social media network to a vast audience daily.

With easy to follow training resources for businesses, in plain English, and our free emission reduction program we have helped thousands to achieve their carbon neutral objectives.

Free resources for businesses

The Institute provides tutorials and templates at no charge which will assist small and medium sized companies to measure and reduce their emissions


GHG Accounting Tutorial

The GHG Accounting Tutorial assists businesses to conduct a thorough GHG emissions survey using recognised standards and procedures.


Emission Reduction Program

We offer a free Emission Reduction Program for businesses, with the policies and procedures for their organisation to reduce emissions. 


Offset your emissions

Carbon Credit Offset Certificates finance verified projects that reduce and remove carbon from the atmosphere and sold by a variety of vendors

Resources for individuals

To help people understand what a carbon footprint is, how they can measure their footprint, and ways that they can lower it to become carbon neutral.

What is a Carbon Footprint?

A carbon footprint is the amount of CO2 and other greenhouse gasses that you emit each year for such things as transport and electricity.

Personal Footprint Calculator

It only takes a few minutes with our carbon footprint calculator to see how many tonnes of CO2 you use each year.

Lower your footprint

Start your carbon neutral journey today with guidance and advice on how to reduce your emissions.

Carbon Reduction Projects

Projects slow the rate of global warming, buying us time for the world to make the transition to low-emission economies.

Verified Projects that are subject to inspection and verification by the UNCDM, Gold Standard, Verra and other registry bodies.

Read the IPCC report here

If you want to take direct action, then support the Institute and United Nations CDM verified carbon reduction projects.

Make a donation now and receive a free UNCDM Carbon Credit Offset Certificate for one tonne of CO2 removed from the atmosphere.

  • A tonne of CO2 is enough to fill 500 fire extinguishers, or a cube 10 meters tall x 10 metres wide, with the same weight as 400 bricks.

Gift Certificates

Certificates can be issued either in your name or the name of the person that it is being gifted to. Read more.

Become a Sponsor and receive UNCDM or Gold Standard carbon credits to offset your emissions for carbon neutrality.

  • Gain recognition for your support of initiatives that reduce carbon emissions and drive sustainable development.


For a small monthly price, sponsorships support the Institute’s work and come with carbon offset certificates to help you become carbon neutral. Read more.


Social Media Network

With hundreds of thousands of followers, we are a popular source of information to mitigate climate change – read more

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