About Us

The Climate Change Institute began in 2015 as a social media news group and has grown to 750,000 followers. The name ‘Climate Change Institute’ was registered in 2020 by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission.

We research and develop tools for businesses to lower their emissions and provide information on solutions to climate change.

Our Mission

Provide information and research to assist companies and individuals to measure, reduce and offset their carbon footprint.

Our Solution

Provide emission reduction programs, GHG accounting resources and access to most efficient and cost-effective carbon reduction projects.

How we assist

Making available resources to assist businesses to do GHG inventory calculation and emission reduction using recognised standards.

The Future

There are some exciting projects emerging that use more cost-effective methods for removal of CO2 from the atmosphere.

Our Goal

Effectively reduce global emissions to achieve IPCC targets whilst seeking to avoid drastic industry shutdowns and mass unemployment.

Project Support

Verified Carbon Offset Projects buy us the necessary time for the world to make the transition to low-emitting economies.

Providing Training and Resources for Businesses

We offer free training programs and resources for businesses. We empower companies to measure and reduce their carbon emissions, facilitating their transition towards more sustainable and eco-friendly practices. By doing so, we drive positive change within the corporate world, where collective action can make a significant environmental impact.

Helping Individuals Calculate Their Carbon Footprint

We help to educate individuals on the importance of understanding and reducing their personal carbon footprint. We provide free tools and knowledge to help people calculate their carbon emissions and take steps towards becoming carbon neutral. This empowers individuals to make informed choices in their daily lives that contribute to a greener and more sustainable future.

Supporting Climate Advocacy through our information network

We are able to leverage our extensive social media network of 50 sites to disseminate crucial climate information to a vast audience daily. By raising awareness and promoting climate advocacy, we aim to create a ripple effect of informed decisions and collective action.