The Climate Change Institute

We are Australian organisation which encourages projects that capture carbon in order to reverse global warming without destroying the world’s economies. We can mitigate Global Warming without shutting down entire industries and at the same time avoid worldwide economic disruptions and mass poverty.

Reducing emissions will not get rid of the carbon already in the atmosphere. Otherwise carbon will stay in the atmosphere for thousands of years. We promote and finance schemes which will remove carbon and help stabilize the climate.

We can remove carbon from the atmosphere but we must act now.

There are market based solutions that enable us to finance Capture Carbon Projects quickly.

Our research shows that planting trees is one of the cheapest ways of taking CO2 out of the atmosphere. Our Irrigation and Water Management Plans aim to transfer water to dry areas for tree and vegetation planting. There are new technologies being developed to plant thousands of trees per day. There are vast tracts of dry inland areas in Australia and other parts of the world where trees could be grown. The Climate Change Institute seeks

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The Climate Change Institute enjoys the support and respect of hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world.

Implementing Solutions

We must support the best and most efficient carbon capture projects.

Our Mission

To support legitimate projects that will remove carbon from the atmosphere.

Our Values

Projects should also enable natural regeneration of the land and increasing biodiversity.

Our Solution

Provide information on the most efficient and feasible project that offer the best value for money .

Contact us

Get in touch for more information – we love talking to people about the ways that we can all reverse global warming.