Our Approach

We are an Australian organisation dedicated to educating people about market based solutions to the Global Warming Crisis.

Our Research

Our research indicates that the most cost effective way to capture carbon is by planting trees. Australia is a stable country with a huge land mass which is ideal for these carbon capture projects. 

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The Climate Change Institute enjoys the support and respect of hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world.

Implementing Solutions

As well as educating people about the power of market based solutions to global warming, we have been engaged in researching the best and most efficient carbon capture projects which we then can recommend.

Our Mission

To help make the funding and resources available for legitimate projects that will remove carbon from the atmosphere.

Our Values

Enabling natural regeneration of the land and increasing biodiversity at the same time removing carbon from the atmosphere. 

Our Solution

Providing the information on the most efficient and feasible projects that offer investors value for their money.

Contact us

Get in touch for more information – we love talking to people about the ways that we can all reverse global warming.