Apocalypse Never to Be Published in Germany, South Korea, Israel, France, Japan, Spain, Brazil, Portugal, Italy, Sweden, Czech Republic, Lithuanian, and Slovakia

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Apocalypse Never, the best-selling book by Founder and President of Environmental Progress, Michael Shellenberger, will be published in the following nations and publishers. We will update this page with publication dates of foreign translations when we know them.

  1. Spain: No Hay Apocalipsis Deusto. March 10, 2021

  2. Israel: Sella Meir. Coming May 2021

  3. South Korea. Bookie

  4. France. Editions du Toucan / L’Artilleur. January 2022

  5. Germany: LangenMüller

  6. Italy: Marsilio.

  7. Japan: Kaguku Dojin

  8. Portugual: Leya

  9. Brazil: LVM Editora

  10. Sweden: Karneval Förlag

  11. Polish/Wydawnictwo Cis

  12. Lithuanian: Kitos Knygos

  13. Czech Republic: Argo

  14.  Slovakia: Tatran

  15. Hungary: Ginkgo

  16. Finland: Reuna

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