Fossil Fuel Disinformation Threats Aim to Hinder Meaningful Action at COP28 

While there are thousands of people here in Dubai at COP28 fighting for genuine change, the climate summit is facing a barrage of disinformation. Combatting climate change has never been more urgent, and COP28 is poised to advance critical global action. Yet, driven by vested interests in the fossil fuel industry, misleading narratives aim to […]

Overcoming Unprecedented Oil and Gas Industry Influence at UN Climate Talks 

Fossil fuel industry influence has been front and center in the UN international climate negotiations—the 28th conference of the parties (COP28)—in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This is alarming but not surprising, given that the nations of the world are finally working toward an agreement to phase out fossil fuels. They know it’s the end of […]

For Black STEM PhDs, the “D” Also Means Debt

As hard as it is for Black students to earn advanced degrees in science, technology, engineering and medicine (STEM) fields, a final insult accompanies the diploma. They leave school dragging a ball and chain of debt far heavier than that for most White graduates. The latest evidence of this comes in a report last week […]