Bloomberg Is a Climate Leader.  So Why Aren’t Activists Excited About a Run for President?

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Michael Bloomberg has poured his time and hundreds of millions of dollars into projects aimed at getting the world ‘beyond carbon,’ but can he win the presidency?

Michael Bloomberg, the former mayor of New York, UN climate envoy and head of the C40 cities group focused on climate action, filed papers this week with the Federal Election Commission to be a Democratic candidate for president. Credit: Ole Jensen/Getty Images  Click to Enlarge.
One of the Trump administration’s favorite environmental talking points is that the United States has reduced carbon emissions more than any other country.

It’s not an achievement that Trump can take any credit for. But his latest potential challenger, Michael Bloomberg, arguably can take some.

As market forces and regulatory controls were driving coal from its perch as the dominant electricity fuel in the U.S., they got a big assist from the Sierra Club’s multimillion-dollar Beyond Coal campaign, launched in 2012 and bankrolled by Bloomberg.

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