Carbon Neutral Companies

Organisations that are committed to fighting climate change

Companies that take steps to reduce climate change must must be recognize and rewarded by consumers and investors. Market pressure is equally as important as government regulation to reduce climate change.

Reduce and offset emissions

When you reduce your emissions and offset what remains then your organisation is carbon neutral.

Implement an emission reduction program.

An emissions reduction program is provided free of charge by the Institute. Click here: Emission Reduction Program

Calculate your organisation’s Carbon Footprint and determine your remaining emissions.

There many footprint calculator that are free to use and download. Click here: Footprint Calculator

Use carbon credits to offset some or all of the emissions that you can’t eliminate.

You can obtain these from a variety of sources on the internet.

Let consumers and investors know that your company is proactively reducing your carbon footprint.

Carbon Offset Certificates support projects that reduce carbon in the atmosphere which would otherwise remain for thousands of years.

More and more consumers are favouring brands that reduce and offset their emissions.

Our ‘Carbon Neutral Companies’ Twitter site is one of our most popular.

The Institute is proposing new standards to facilitate the process for companies to become carbon neutral.

Climate change has altered consumers’ behaviour – they want to support Low Footprint or Carbon Neutral Products and Services. When you reduce and offset your emissions you lower your footprint. When you offset all of your remaining emissions, your organisation becomes carbon neutral.

Consumers want to know you which companies are proactively reducing their carbon footprint and helping the environment. We provide this information to our 600,000 followers over the Climate Change Institute’s social media network.

Shareholders and investors are increasingly motivating many businesses to be climate friendly in their operations.

Businesses that look to the future are realising the inevitable transition to a low carbon economy with growing pressure from government regulations and consumers.  


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