Carbon Offset Gift Certificates

Carbon Offset Gift Certificates

Each gift certificate is for one Tonne of C02 which is enough to fill up 500 fire extinguishers or eight swimming pools, and have the same weight as 400 bricks.

It helps your friends and family to go carbon neutral and shows you are all actively doing something to fight climate change. Each will receive an attractive certificate in their name along with an A4 poster.

Your gift supports verified projects that include wind, solar, hydro, biomass energy recovery, geothermal and GHG abatement. They not only reduce emissions but also provide jobs, improved infrastructure and living conditions read more

Give your friends and family a carbon offset certificate and they will receive:

  • Personalised Christmas card
  • Carbon Offset Certificate in their name
  • A4 poster explaining UNCDM projects


Cards and certificates can be issued to individual people, couples or families. Just fill in the form with your list of names for Christmas, and we will send their cards and certificates.

Press SUBMIT when you have finished. You may need to increase the number of certificates you are buying to match your Christmas list.

Every certificate you give reduces the amount of carbon going into the atmosphere. It shows you are actively fighting climate change by financing carbon removal projects. These are verified projects which are rigorously scrutinized through an international monitoring and verification process