Carbon offset projects

Carbon offset projects reduce and remove carbon and other greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere to stabilize the climate. Reducing our emissions is vital, but that will not get rid of the greenhouse gases already in the atmosphere which will otherwise stay there for thousands of years.

We need to buy time for the transition to low-emission economies and renewable energy.

These projects can stabilise our emission rate by capturing carbon affordably to reverse the rising level of Co2 in the atmosphere and interrupt the rapid rise of Global Warming.  They have the potential to extract billions of tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere.

Leading Projects

Quality Assured

Projects must be legitimate and fully certified to world standards


Information on the project and its people is made available and constantly updated


Support projects that offer innovative and efficient ways to reduce carbon


Projects must be able to deliver results that are documented and you can readily see

There are projects that involve measurable ways to capture carbon, such as planting trees. The efficiency of a project can be compared to the industry standard to determine the real worth.

Types of Projects

The different types of projects include:

Reforestation and conservation are projects that focus on natural carbon sinks such as forests and soil.

Renewable energy to build or maintain chiefly solar, wind or hydro sites across the world.

Community projects that help to introduce energy-efficient methods or technology to undeveloped communities around the world

Energy efficiency projects which seek to reduce the overall demand for energy.

Waste to energy projects that often involve capturing methane and converting it into electricity.