Category: Climate Friendly Companies

Bell resources

Bell resources is an Australian company that is making an outstanding contribution to fighting climate change with innovative clean energy & electric vehicle charging under the leadership of CEO Mark Avery. ESG built in, not added on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)​ ESG is core to Bell Resources’ mission. Our flagship service seeks to enable […]


The agricultural company encourages innovative practices from its farmers to create healthy soil and environmental sustainability. Our 2030 commitment By the year 2030, we aim to launch and scale a comprehensive carbon program, empowering growers and our industry to accelerate climate-smart agriculture and soil carbon sequestration while rewarding growers for their efforts.  We are […]


The soda company is fiercely dedicated to sustainable agriculture and is working towards sustainably sourcing all key ingredients by 2020 and reducing its carbon footprint by 25% by 2025. Reducing our carbon footprint The company has set a target to reduce carbon emissions 25% by 2030 from a 2015 base year. Sustainable Packaging – […]


Ranked as the 5th most sustainable French company in any industry, Valeo has invested millions in sustainability and creates innovative solutions to lower its cars’ carbon emissions. Our commitment to sustainability Our commitment to protecting the environment is reflected in our innovations, which create new, eco responsible products. It can also be seen in our […]


In December 2020, The Walt Disney Company announced ambitious 2030 Environmental Goals focused on achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions for our direct operations, reducing waste, building more sustainably, and developing packaging and products that help lessen our environmental footprint. Since then, we’ve been making progress. Here are some highlights: Conservation: Since 1995, the Disney Conservation Fund has invested […]

United Airlines

The airline invested more than $16 billion to replace all of its airplanes with more fuel-efficient models and looks to continually lower its carbon emissions. Our environmental commitment United is committed to reducing our emissions. We’re embracing a new goal to be 100% green by 2050 by reducing our greenhouse gas emissions 100%. And we’ll […]


Under its 2020 environmental framework, Hyatt achieved its 25% per square meter greenhouse gas reduction goals early across its three regions and set sustainability goals with the World Wildlife Fund.

ANA Airlines

Named the world’s most sustainable airline, ANA was the first global airline to issue Green Bonds to offset carbon emission and raise money for eco-friendly programs. Through its business activities, the ANA Group has created ESG management aiming for sustainable growth by simultaneously creating social and economic value.To further promote ESG management, we have […]