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Middle-class fear of green policies fuels rise of far right, Colombia’s Petro warns

Guerrilla leader turned president says, faced with having to reduce their carbon consumption, upper classes fear ‘the barbarians are coming’ Middle-class fears of losing a high standard of living because of green policies is driving the rise of the far right across the world, the president of Colombia has warned. In a wide-ranging interview with […]

Visualised: how all of G20 is missing climate goals — but some nations are closer than others

As world leaders gather at Cop28, these charts show how far away the major economies are from their targets Not a single G20 country has policies in place that are consistent with the Paris agreement’s goal of limiting global heating to 1.5C and meeting their “fair share” of emissions reduction. The assessment, based on data […]

Cop28: highlights and lowlights so far

An update on the first half of the UN climate conference in Dubai, including shock over the host president’s comments A summary of some of the news from the first half of the Cop28 UN climate conference in Dubai, including a spectacular row about the host president’s remarks on the science of fossil fuels, negotiations […]

The Cop28 president told a shocking lie about fossil fuels – and he’s wrong about climate economics too | Geoffrey Lean

Sultan Al Jaber’s claim that green policies damage economic growth is wrong and highly damaging For months Sultan Al Jaber, the president of the Cop28 climate negotiations in Dubai, has been insisting that there is no conflict with his day job, chief executive of the United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) state oil company. Instead, he argued, […]

After Cop28, know this: Sunak and his rightwing allies around the world have no interest in saving our planet | Diyora Shadijanova

When Tories row back on previous climate pledges, they are merely marching in lockstep with extreme parties across Europe Not only did Rishi Sunak spend more time travelling to Cop28 on his private jet than attending the conference itself, he also delivered a speech at the Dubai summit doubling down on the decision to abandon […]

Cop28 is a farce rigged to fail, but there are other ways we can try to save the planet | George Monbiot

Inaction and self-interest are built into climate summits. Instead, we need a voting system that can’t be subverted by fossil fuel producers Let’s face it: climate summits are broken. The delegates talk and talk, while Earth systems slide towards deadly tipping points. Since the climate negotiations began in 1992 more carbon dioxide from burning fossil […]