When you reduce your emissions and offset what remains by purchasing carbon credits your organisation gains free certification from the Institute. To be Certified Climate Friendly means you are eligible to display the Climate Change Institute label on your website, ads, packaging and anywhere where people come in contact with your brand.

You also gain exposure on our social media network of over 600,000 followers giving you visibility and environmental credibility.

Let the world know that you are proactively reducing your footprint to help the environment.

When you support verified projects them you are demonstrating a real commitment to fight climate change.

Get Certified Climate Friendly and gain free promotion over one of social media’s largest environmental networks.

Many consumers are inclined to buy from companies that are actively involved in the fight against climate change

To be Climate Friendly Company means that you have lowered and then offset your emissions by purchasing carbon credits which fund projects that reduce global emissions.

Be rewarded for your investment in fighting climate change.

The Certified Climate Friendly label tells the public that your company has lowered it’s carbon footprint by funding an equivalent amount of UN certified projects elsewhere in the world.

Implement an emissions reduction and energy efficiency program. If you do have not such a program than then you can use the template provided by the Institute which is free of charge. See Emission Reduction Program Template

Businesses that look to the future are realising the inevitable transition to a low carbon economy with growing pressure from government regulations and consumers.  

Shareholders and investors are increasingly motivating many businesses to be climate friendly in their operations.