Emission Reduction Program

A program to:

  • review energy, water and waste generation
  • implement energy efficiency and emission reduction practices.

This will aid you in creating a program to review your energy, water and waste generation and implement emission reduction energy efficiency practices.

Whilst many companies will hire consultants often someone from inside the organization is better placed to implement an energy efficiency program. An organization can create their own program which is perfectly valid provided there is documentation. This guide will help you to enact and document an emission reduction program at your workplace.

To carry out this program a person would need the following skills:

Project planning and management. The ability to direct and guide a group in completing tasks and attaining goals of energy efficiency assessment.

Communication planning and implementation. The ability to exchange, engage, convey and express knowledge and ideas in an energy efficiency context.

Understanding energy use. The ability to arrange and retrieve data, knowledge and ideas, research and investigation of specific technical and financial knowledge.

Identification of potential opportunities. The abilities to think logically and creatively.

Decision-making. The ability to develop and assess business cases for implementation of energy efficiency opportunities.

Monitoring and investigating. The abilities to install appropriate monitoring equipment and develop analysis systems.

The program template is available to download in PDF format or Word version