Gold Standard GS 1061 Biogas Recovery Carbon Offset in Turkey

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These carbon credits are issued by the Gold Standard Registry. The Gold Standard is one of the most widely respected carbon standards available on the market, with one of the most rigorous certification standards available for carbon offset projects. This ensures that they deliver genuine emission reductions and long-term sustainable development through linking to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Upon purchase, you will be issued with a certificate with the amount of tonnes of carbon credits and their serial numbers which may be verified on the from the Gold Standard Registry at

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Project Description

GS ID – 1061

REGION – Turkey

Gold Standard Certified Project

Gold Standard Certified Project



ACM0001 Flaring or use of landfill gas


Dec 01, 2011 ― Nov 30, 2021


V2.1 SOP




Small Scale


Biogas – Electricity


The biogas power project is plant to be built close to Molu village of Koca Sinan district in the province of Kayseri in Turkey. The project aims at avoiding greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from existing landfill area by collecting biogas to generate electricity. Thus, in addition to the direct avoidance of GHG emissions, further indirect emission reductions are achieved through the CO2- neutral replacement of fossil fuels used for power generation. The activity includes installation of landfill gas extraction system, an enclosed flare as well as a biogas driven genset for electricity production.

Biogas recovery


Keep burning those fossil fuels. Everywhere one turns, fossil fuels are… | by Brendan O'Neill | Medium

Many developing countries rely heavily on the burning of fossil fuels to supply electricity to their population. These highly emissions-intensive activities account for a large percentage of man-made CO2 emissions globally.


Biomass energy projects generate heat and/or electricity by combusting organic matter like rice husks, animal waste, sawmill waste and palm oil waste. The energy produced powers and heats homes and industries, often using waste that would have otherwise been left to decay, releasing methane into the atmosphere and added bulk to landfills.


Biomass to Energy projects are responsible for millions of tonnes of C02 emissions avoided per year, through the use of bio matter for fuel rather than leaving it to decay, which produces methane emissions and fine particles. They project provide a genuine alternative to fossil fuels, enabling a shift to more sustainable production methods


Biomass projects enable a circular ‘waste’ economy and create supply chains and manufacturing processes for renewable biomass fuels, increasing their availability for local use. They meet growing demands for energy and and provide social and environmental benefits to communities in the surrounding areas.


The Gold Standard Registry issues carbon credits, each is equivalent to one tonne of CO2e. It is the central repository for all information and documentation relating to Gold Standard projects and units. The Registry also ensures the uniqueness of projects and credits in the system. Projects are subject to a rigorous verification process where transparency underpins the positive outcomes of the carbon projects it certifies.

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