The Carbon Market

The investment in Carbon Offsets can be a wise business decision. In the future it will almost be mandatory for many companies to be carbon neutral.

Income is generated for projects which capture carbon from the atmosphere, such as tree planting. The carbon market is growing and there are increasing ways to generate capital for projects.

There is also potential for Corporate and Government Guaranteed contracts. Governments and corporations are committed to continued reductions in Emissions.

Over the past 10 years, the structure is now settled and it would be unlikely that there would be wholesale changes to how carbon market projects are implemented. There is bipartisan political will to support projects.  

The market should now mature and move towards a true market situation.

This is where the price of carbon is driven by polluters needing to lower their emissions to meet their targets and the suppliers delivering carbon competitively.

The Carbon Market certainly looks set to become bigger and better over coming years.

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  1. It’s really helpful blog. I am glad to came across this blog. Offsetting and avoiding emissions is good, but not enough. We need to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere for this accend come forward to provide the carbon removal certificate.

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