New tree planting technologies

Research indicates that that planting trees is one of the cheapest way of taking CO2 out of the atmosphere.

Planting trees removes carbon from the atmosphere and stores it for a long time for a relatively low cost, less than $20 per tonne of carbon.

There are new tree planting technologies to help get the job done more efficiently.

A mass tree planting program could see millions of trees being planted each month.

Income is generated by the sale of carbon credits.

There is new technology that allows the planting of thousands of trees per day. With economies of scale, this is a cost-effective way to remove carbon from the atmosphere.

With new drone technology we can vastly increase the numbers of trees that can be planted.

New planting technologies using a cocoon around the sapling only require a one off amount of 15 litres of water. After that the tree is self sustaining in water because its roots go down.

As well as removing carbon to lower global warming there are other advantages of these projects, such as mitigating droughts. An expanding body of evidence supports the idea that increased vegetation not only makes more rain locally but also hundreds of kilometres away.

If you’ve ever walked in a rainforest or even a greenhouse, you’ll know that the air inside is heavy with moisture.