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The agricultural company encourages innovative practices from its farmers to create healthy soil and environmental sustainability.

Our 2030 commitment

By the year 2030, we aim to launch and scale a comprehensive carbon program, empowering growers and our industry to accelerate climate-smart agriculture and soil carbon sequestration while rewarding growers for their efforts. 

We are creating a network of growers, suppliers, government and industry players to gather key learnings and scale this important initiative and meet common sustainability goals and objectives. 

Our 2021 progress

Strong interest has resulted in approximately 225,000 pilot acres across Canada and the U.S., exceeding the initial 100,000 acre target. Growers will receive incentive payments for climate-smart practice implementation or carbon and water outcomes, depending on the pilot. Our portfolio approach included 3 Canadian provinces & 15 U.S. states representing a variety of crops, soil types and climate zones. Our goal remains to help growers generate high quality carbon assets (offsets or supply chain inventions) that are verifiable based on industry best practices and protocols. Up to 1mt CO2e/acre per year 1 GHG emissions reduced and carbon sequestered, depending on grower practices adopted – an incremental revenue stream that is expected to grow as voluntary and compliance market values grow.