Sponsorship Application

The Institute wants to make it easy and affordable for businesses to become a sponsor and join the fight against climate change.

  • There are no complicated contractual arrangements or hidden fees.

Please fill out the application form – you do not pay now.

Small Business Sponsorship – $90 per month inc. 5 x Tonnes of offsets

Large Company Sponsorship – $180 per month inc. 10 x Tonnes of offsets

Large Company Sponsorship – $360 per month inc. 20 x Tonnes of offsets

Corporate Sponsorship – $900 per month inc 50 x Tonnes of offsets

Once approved, you can pay by company invoice each month or by PayPal, which is a a secure platform that offers buyers protection and the ability to readily cancel subscriptions themselves.

When your sponsorship is activated, you will be sent an invoice for monthly payments and issued with carbon offset certificates and Certified Emission Reduction serial numbers.

Provide your company information to be broadcast through our network

Either fill out the Sponsor Profile Form or email us with your company information. You can contact us at any time in the future to add to your profile.

You will receive a certificate to let customers and stakeholders know that your company is actively fighting climate change.

You will also receive an A4 poster to display showing what a carbon offset certificate represents.

See Poster

  • Sponsors are eligible to display our logos on their website, ads, packaging and anywhere where people come into contact with their brand.

Choose from a range of merchandise at the print shop

Items can be customised with your company name and message

Logos can be customised with your name & logo

Go Net Carbon Negative

If your company’s emission are lower than the amount that you offset, then you are eligible to use the carbon negative logo in your advertising.

In order to to measure your company’s emissions, you must use either the Institute’s resources (which are provided at no charge) or another that uses recognised standards, This data must be properly documented and made available upon request.

The  GHG Accounting Tutorial and Resources provided by the Institute enables businesses to conduct a thorough emissions survey.