You can become an official sponsor of the Climate Change Institute, no matter the size of your organization, and align your brand with a trusted institution in the fight against climate change.

Sponsorship plans include being issued with carbon credit offset certificates which finance UN verified carbon reduction projects.

  • Sponsorships fees are paid monthly.
  • No long contracts, cancel anytime.

Becoming a sponsor is a straight-forward process

Simply fill out the application form, and we will contact you

You do not pay now, we will bill you later.

Small & Medium Sized Enterprises

– $US90 per month

10 Tonnes x UN CDM carbon offsets issued to you each month (equals 120 per year)

Affordable: A sponsorship plan that includes carbon offsets to suit the budget of most small businesses.

Access: Be recognized for your commitment through the Institute’s vast social media network.

Gain recognition: Showcase your company’s support of the fight against climate change.

Large Company Sponsor Plan

– $US180 per month

20 Tonnes x UN CDM carbon offsets issued to you each month (equals 240 per year)

Impactful: Make a more significant contribution to the Institute’s mission.

More Recognition: Receive heightened visibility through our promotional efforts.

Employee Engagement: Engage your team in a shared mission, boosting morale and job satisfaction.

Corporate Sponsorship Plan

– $US900 per month

100 Tonnes x UN CDM carbon offsets issued to you each month (equals 1,200 per year)

Substantial Impact: Enjoy maximum visibility and placement in the Institute’s communications.

Influence: Sponsors at this level are prominently featured for their commitment to sustainability.

Elevate Your Brand: This is a unique opportunity to attract environmentally conscious customers.

Sponsors can by additional carbon credits

Gold Sponsor Plan

– US$1200 per month

– 100 x Tonnes of Gold Standard or Verra Carbon Credit Certificates issued to you every month (equals 1,200 per year)

Powerful Statement: A strong signal to your stakeholders your company is taking firm action to fight climate change.

High Standards: The Gold Standard certification represents the most efficient carbon offset projects subject to a rigorous standard.

Maximum Visibility: Your brand enjoys the highest level of visibility on our extensive network, giving you recognition and credibility for your commitment to sustainability.

How many tonnes of CO2 does the average business emit?

Research has shown that an average small or medium sized office or retail business would emit around a hundred metric tonnes of CO2 annually. The US Environmental Protection Agency estimates that the emissions for an average passenger vehicle are 4.6 tonnes per year, and the average person in the USA emits approx. 16 tonnes of CO2 per year. The Institute provides a GHG Accounting Tutorial resources to assist companies to get an exact measurement of their emissions and carbon footprint.

Sponsorship Benefits

Carbon Credit Offsets

As a sponsor, you will receive monthly carbon credit offset certificates verified by the United Nations Clean Development Mechanism (UN CDM) and Gold Standard.

Meaningful action

Carbon credit certificates finance verified projects that remove CO2 from the atmosphere, such as reforestation, renewable or biomass energy, all designed to combat climate change at its source.

Reduce Footprint

Your monthly carbon offset certificates demonstrate that you are reducing your carbon footprint. It’s a proactive step towards addressing the climate crisis and going carbon neutral.


We believe in acknowledging the commitment of our sponsors. Your brand will be featured on our website and social media network, giving you environmental credibility and visibility.


Let people know that your company is actively making a contribution to fighting climate change by displaying labels and logos in your advertising and on your products and website.

Boost your brand

Your sponsorship of the Climate Change Institute demonstrates a genuine commitment to fighting climate change. It’s a powerful message to your workers, customers and stakeholders.

Be noticed

If you are supporting the Institute and UNCDM projects, then consumers and stakeholders should be made aware that you are actively fighting climate change.

  • Sponsors are eligible to display our logos on their website, ads, packaging and anywhere where people come into contact with their brand.

Choose from a range of merchandise at the print shop

Items can be customised with your company name and message

Logos can be customised with your name & logo

Be noticed with this label on your products

Call to action

Become known as a Climate Friendly Company

Showcase your company’s support of a sustainable future

Use this label if you offset more than you emit

Display your certificate to let customers and stakeholders know that your company is actively fighting climate change.

You will also receive an A4 poster to display showing what a carbon offset certificate represents.

Becoming a sponsor is a straight-forward process

Simply fill out the application form, and we will contact you. Do not pay now, we will bill you later.

Once your application is approved, you can fill out the Sponsor Profile Form or simply email us with your company information. You can contact us at any time in the future to add to your profile.

How your sponsorship directly fights climate change

Business Resources

Your support enables us to continue to offer free training programs and resources for businesses to measure and lower their emissions. We empower companies to measure and reduce their carbon emissions, facilitating their transition towards more sustainable and eco-friendly practices.

Helping Individuals

Your sponsorship allows us to continue our work researching the best ways for individuals to understand how to measure and reduce their personal carbon footprint. We provide free accessible tools to help people to make informed choices in their daily lives that contribute to a greener future.

Climate Advocacy

Through your support, we can leverage our extensive social media network to disseminate crucial climate information to a vast audience daily. By raising awareness and promoting climate advocacy, we help to create a ripple effect of collective action towards fighting climate change.

Financing UN CDM projects

As a sponsor, you will be issued with carbon offset certificates, which finance verified UN CDM projects. This funds impactful initiatives that reduce carbon emissions and drive sustainable development.

These projects create opportunities for communities in need. They provide jobs, improve infrastructure, and enhance living conditions, all while reducing carbon emissions read more

Use the PayPal button to activate your sponsorship. Prices are in US$.

Small & medium Enterprises – $90 per month with

10 x UNCDM carbon offsets

Large Company Sponsorship – $180 per month with

20 x UNCDM carbon offsets

Corporate Sponsorship – $900

per month with

100 x UNCDM carbon offsets

Gold Sponsorship – $1,200 per month

with 100 x Gold Standard or Verra carbon offsets

You do not give the Institute your credit card number. We use PayPal because it is a secure platform which offers buyers protection and the ability to readily cancel subscriptions themselves. See our Terms & Conditions Becoming an official sponsor is a straightforward process and is a unique opportunity to gain recognition for your commitment to a sustainable future.

Measure and Reduce

You can use resources provided by the Institute to measure and reduce your emissions.

The GHG Accounting Tutorial assists businesses to conduct a thorough GHG emissions survey using recognised standards and procedures.

The Emission Reduction Program provides the necessary policies and procedures for an organisation to reduce emissions.