The Climate Change Institute

Research and application of market based solutions to the global warming crisis

Our philosophy is to implement solutions to Global Warming using market mechanisms put in place by the Kyoto Protocol and subsequent agreements.

We must move fast to control climate change but also must act rationally or we could damage the world’s economies and plunge millions of people into poverty.

We prefer projects that capture carbon naturally to mitigate global warming .

Unlike many emission reduction schemes these projects generate economic activity rather than impeding it.

We still need to practice emission reduction but our objective is to instigate funding for carbon offset projects that will mitigate Global Warming.

Reducing emissions will not get rid of the carbon already in the atmosphere. Otherwise carbon will stay in the atmosphere for thousands of years.

That is one reason why we prefer carbon capture projects such as tree planting.

One of the world’s leading soil scientists, Dr Rattan Lal, believes the installation of a biological technology (photosynthesis in vegetation across 5 billion hectares worldwide) will extract billions of tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere.

This will interrupt the rapid rise of Global Warming by drawing down the equivalent of 50ppm (parts per million of CO2-e) from the atmosphere for 50 years.

It just so happens that it will take only another 50ppm to the atmosphere before we reach 450ppm (which will increase Global temperature by 2°C).  

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