Time to have the Talk again

And by talk I don’t mean the one you hear as children from your parents.

I referring to the Uncivil interactions my Fellow Mods and I are seeing on an increased basis on this sub.

I would like to ask everyone once again to tone it down and remain civil.

Please remember.

1. Remember the site wide rules because they are in effect on all sub on this website.

2. Remember the Reddiquette

3. If you are here to earn your ideological stripes by trolling or instigating people into overacting, then you have come to the wrong sub and need to leave. If you fail to do this and do this you will eventually end up banned.

My Fellow mods and I don’t want this sub to have to tighten the rules like some other subs have done recently, so please remain civil, report uncivil comments, and contact us should you feel someone acting out of hand.

Thank you

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