Ways to Take Action on National Day of Truth and Reconciliation


Tomorrow, September 30th, marks the first-ever National Day of Truth and Reconciliation statutory holiday in Canada. 

It’s a holiday that was requested in one of the 94 Calls to Action delivered with the Truth and Reconciliation Commission report (TRC) in 2015. Six years later, the Canadian government has finally made good on this request, and a handful of other calls to action. But with progress to meet these goals moving at a snail’s pace, it’s clear we can’t leave this important work in the hands of officials—we must also take this work on ourselves. 

As a settler organization, Greenpeace Canada (GPCA) has its own work to do to unlearn the colonial world views we’ve been indoctrinated with and that we have played a role in perpetuating. Through thoughtful, and more informed decisions we’re determined to be better allies, settlers, and neighbours, today and going forward with the goal of always uplifting Indigenous rights, sovereignty, and safety.

GPCA will be closed for the National Day of Truth and Reconciliation with the caveat that GPCA staff use this day to take time to be reflective and take action. Many of our GPCA colleagues have already pledged to donate their wages for the day to Indigenous-led organizations, and others will be engaging in non-monetary action. As a further step we’re also embarking on a collective goal to read (or in some cases re-read) and discuss the full TRC report as an organization. This involves taking time to read each chapter individually, and coming together every few months to reflect, discuss, and learn how the TRC report can inform both our personal choices and decisions, and our work. 

Below we’ve collected a list of great resources and content that each of us can turn to in order to support Indigenous communities, not only on National Day of Truth and Reconciliation, but every day. 

Here are some ways you can take action:

Donate to Indigenous organizations:

Deepen your knowledge of Canada’s colonial past and present:

Learn more about residential schools and the TRC’s Calls to Action:

These are only a handful of organizations and resources that can be used to decolonize our ways of thinking, relearn the real Canadian history, learn how to support Indigenous communities, and participate in genuine reconciliation. There are many more ways to commit to reconciliation out there, and we encourage you to research and explore them! Feel free to share other resources in the comments below!