Webinar – The Post-Covid Sustainability Agenda: Revolution, Retreat or Return to Normal?

The Economist presents a Sustainability Week Insight Hour webinar titled “The post-covid sustainability agenda: revolution, retreat or return to normal?” will take place on July 7th 2020, 6am PST | 2pm BST | 3pm CET | 9am EDT. This webinar features a conversation with Axel Weber, Chairman, UBS Group.

Covid-19 has caused an unprecedented hiatus in human activity and offered the natural environment a short-lived reprieve. Levels of toxic air pollutants have fallen, Venice’s canals are clearer—and mountain goats have even been seen on the streets of north Wales. Now, as lockdowns lift and economies grind back to life, emissions are returning to pre-coronavirus levels in some parts of the world. Will any lasting good for the environment come from the pandemic pause?

By showing how the environment improves when business as usual is suspended, the coronavirus pandemic has sharpened awareness of potential for catastrophe if global warming persists at current levels. Not only this, business leaders better understand that sustainability is more than just good ethics—it is a key part of any resilient business model. Can the recent disruption spur positive action?

The Economist’s Sustainability Week Insight Hour series will convene business leaders, policymakers and industry experts to examine the impact of covid-19 on the sustainability agenda. Can companies keep sustainability a top corporate priority? What does a climate-friendly recovery look like? Can we build back better?


Tuesday, July 7th 2020

2:00 PM – 3:00 PM The post-covid sustainability agenda: revolution, retreat or return to normal? In conversation with Axel Weber, Chairman, UBS Group

“We have a responsibility to take a leading role in shaping a positive future for everyone, including future generations.” As UBS Group Chairman, Axel Weber has placed sustainable investing at the core of the firm’s strategy―in recognition of the leading role the financial sector must play in the fight against climate change. Now, as the world grapples with the pandemic and lockdowns, a new opportunity may have arisen to speed up the transition to a lower-carbon economy. Business affairs editor Patrick Foulis sits down with Axel Weber to ask his view on the road ahead. How can financial markets be harnessed for good? What is the path to a sustainable recovery? What is the role for banks and financial institutions?

Axel Weber, Chairman, UBS Group AG

Moderated by Patrick Foulis, Business affairs editor

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Will We Learn from COVID-19 or Will We Go Back to Business-as-Usual?